Thursday, October 11, 2018

Spiritsong Worship Music Concert at Tsiyon Tabernacle ~ The Battle Cry 2018

Please fast forward past the 30 minute mark to get the recorded live concert.. When Tsiyon Road does a their live streaming they put a 30 minutes timer with music playing before their love events.. Thank you for your patience ☺


Sukkot 2918 ~ The Battle Cry ~ The Ages of the World 4 part series

I posted the 4 part series on "The Ages of the World" by Eliyahu Ben David Fast forward past 29 mins to the beginning of the recorded meetings on each of the 4 series 

 The War is ON! (Part 1) 

 This is the kick-off meeting for our Battle Cry 2018 live streamed events--the video content begins at about 19 minutes into the live-stream recording. Why Battle Cry 2018? While Bible-believers love and want the best for everyone, not everyone loves them. No doubt you have already been feeling the pressure yourself, as hatred toward Bible-believers around the world is intensifying. We will be looking at some of the evidence showing that ill-feeling and even persecution toward Bible-believers is, in fact, making a dramatic rise in our world today. This rise of hatred toward believers was foretold for the Last Days. Our Messiah said: "You will be hated by all men for my names sake ... By your endurance you will win your lives." 

Luke 21:17-19 But how can we endure in the face of such wide-spread hatred against us? Be with us tonight for some encouragement! We will look to the Scriptures, where we will find a transcendent view of reality that will see us through the entirety of the war that is now being perpetrated against us. We can fight back - without hurting anyone! Also, tonight, we will introduce our 4-part series on the Ages of the World, culminating in, the Last Age of the World. This series will examine a view of Bible chronology and world history that was first proposed by Jewish sages, and later adopted by Christian leaders, literally ages ago. Perplexing questions about how that ancient view of the Ages squares with modern time will be answered. Knowing where you and opposing forces are in time and space (situational awareness) is vital to making an effective battle plan. You won't want to miss this important information! 


The Age of Creation (Part 2) 

Could the world really be 6,000 years old? This live presentation will examine this view of Bible chronology and world history that was first proposed by Jewish sages, and later adopted by Christian leaders, literally ages ago. Some might be surprised that some of the brightest lights of science, such as Kepler and even, Sir Isaac Newton, later adopted this view of history, and have shined further light upon it. Newton, Kepler, and other noted scholars like them attempted to measure the Ages of Creation. This was perfectly natural that they should attempt to do so, since they felt that man was made to search out the secrets of God, to give Him glory. Like those men of science, we must turn to the Scriptures to discover the secrets of Creation that our Creator reveals. Among those secrets can be found the Ages of Creation. We are sharing these discoveries with you, live tonight, as part of our BattleCry 2018 live streamed events. Also tonight, the event you have been waiting for - Linda Rose of Spiritsong, streamed live from us to you! Is this going to be great? Well, yesterday Linda was just practicing and she ended up with most of our group dancing and singing along with her! If practice is like this what will the real thing be like? This has got to be awesome - so don't miss it! 


6000 Year / 2000 AD Prophecy Disappointment (Part 3) 

 Believers have suffered some pretty big prophetic prediction disappointments over the last couple of decades.  Everybody hates being disappointed, and these prophetic prediction failures have caused many to question their expectations, and even their faith. The most recent major prophetic prediction failure occurred this year. Since the 70s it had been taught by major Christian teachers that 70 years from 1948, when Israel became a state, that the final generation would end with the return of the Lord. Do the math and you will find that's 2018, and the prediction has failed, causing disappointment for many.

Tsiyon was never a part of that. We always taught that the final generation did not begin in 1948, but in 1967, with the liberation of Jerusalem. Another far more serious prediction failed as of 2000 AD. This was the date that virtually all Bible-believing prophecy scholars expected to see the coming of Messiah, since as far back as the 1500s, and possibly much earlier. During the 1990s there was considerable expectation that Bible prophecy would bring the global picture to a rapid end, and the Millennial Kingdom would come in, on or about the year 2000 AD. That failure was a crushing blow to many, if not a major embarrassment for believers. Nobody really wants to talk about that failure, even though many still wonder about it. Taken together, these two prophecy prediction disappointments have discouraged many from taking Bible prophecy seriously anymore. In fact, many are afraid of Bible prophecy, treating it like the top of a hot stove.      

They need not worry. There is not now, and never has been, an actual failure of Bible Prophecy. YHWH has said: " shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing I sent it to do." Isaiah 55:11 And Messiah said: "..the scripture cannot be broken" John 10:35 The above Bible-related prediction failures, and all other Bible-related prediction failures, are due to human mistakes in understanding, or are due to malicious deceptions of the enemy. The failure is never with the truth of His Word. Mistakes in understanding of Bible prophecy do not make a person a "false prophet" in the Biblical sense. Good men can make mistakes in understanding, and if they find they have done so, they should repent of it and move on. We have no perfect teachers or scholars, save Yeshua Himself, so we can only expect our teachers and scholars to be accurate to the level of the light they have received. This is not the same as saying "thus says the Lord..." and then speaking the word of man - which is false prophecy and can carry a heavy penalty for the false prophet. An example of demonic deception spawning false prophecy would be the so-called "pre-trib rapture" doctrine. This doctrine has misled millions into a position of spiritual apathy that will leave them unprepared for the unprecedented challenges ahead, that true Bible prophecy warns believers to prepare for. 

The 1948-2018 debacle is mainly along the lines of human error with, perhaps, more than a dash of over-confidence. At its root, it involved assumptions that were wrong all along. The 6000 years / 2000AD debacle is also a case of human error, which missed factoring in some important information. Tonight, for our Last Great Day Finale, I'm going to explain where this expectation went wrong, and how I see it working out in the end. To the best of my knowledge this will be the first time this has been publicly explained by anyone, so you won't want to miss the live presentation of these facts. 


Survive the Last Age of the World (Part 4) 

There is a Lord (Master/Yahweh/Creator) of Time. He is the one who created time for His purpose. He alone actually controls time itself, and knows time from the beginning to the end. Time is not random. It had a beginning and will come to an end. Time moves according to His great plan, to accomplish His great purpose. There is a pattern and a structure to time, known to the Creator, and concealed in the pages of His Word. It is there for a reason, for His friends. Like a river rushing toward the falls, time is soon reaching a termination point. Right now, time is rushing toward a climactic conclusion in this last age of the world, as we know it. That is so obvious that even unbelievers see it coming, and shutter. The whole world is shaking and flailing, like a drowning man. Craziness is everywhere. It is a sign of the end of the age, like the frothing waters just before the plunging falls. Survival requires more than prepping. It requires knowing the Creator’s plan and moving within it, to His place of safety. This video presents amazing new information you need to see, never before made public, revealing the ages of the world, and when and how the last age of the world will end.